Windows Login By Android Device Authentication via Bluetooth

BthLogon Feature

No Internet Connection Required

Once setup, no Internet connection required for the devices' authentication

Easy and Wireless Operation

Users can log in to Windows by PIN entry and a tap in Android app, without typing any key on PC keyboard

Undisclosed Windows Credential

Users are not required to know their Windows credentials, but only PIN.

Double Authentication

Users must get their devices authenticated and, they must get their credentials authenticated to log in to Windows.

Lock / Logout

Once logged in, users' must have their login devices nearby or the login session is either locked or logged out.

Sign in to Remote Computers

A local Android device can unlock the login screen of the remote computers

Safe Mode

BthLogon does not work in Safe Mode, but we offer a solution to protect a Safe Mode session by USB key ( a free version available ). A valid USB key must be connected to keep a log-in session alive. If not, a session is forcibly locked or signed out. The solution can be configured to be enabled only in Safe Mode.



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