Secure Two Factor Sign-in Authentication
for Windows 10/8.x/7/Vista and Windows 2019/2016/2012/2008 Server

GAauthLogon is a two factor authentication sign-in solution.

It first authenticates Username/Password. After successfully authenticated, you will be asked to provide a one-time code a configured authenticator app displays. The login process is similar to that of 2FA enabled Web login.

GAuthLogon Logon Process

  • First, Password authentication

  • After the password authentication,the screen switches to one for the code authenitcation

    You need Android/iOS device with an authenticator app installed. Any RFC 6238 TOTP( time-based one-time password ) compliant apps like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator will do.

    GAuthLogon comes with an utility to set up an authenticator app; it displays QRCode.

    Ver2 released on July 2019.
    • No OpenSSL dependency
    • Improved internal login handling
    • New and more secure set-up file management
    • Exempted User/IP
    • Improved remote login UI for Win8/2012

    Supported OS

    • Windows 10( 32bit / 64bit )
    • Windows 8.x ( 32bit / 64bit )
    • Windows 7( 32bit / 64bit )
    • Windows Vista( 32bit / 64bit )
    • Windows 2019 Server(64bit)
    • Windows 2016 Server(64bit)
    • Windows 2012 Server(64bit)
    • Windows 2008 Server( 32bit / 64bit )