Secure Two Factor Sign-in Authentication
for Windows 10/8.x/7/Vista and Windows 2019/2016/2012/2008 Server

GAauthLogon is a two factor authentication sign-in software ( credential provider ).

It first authenticates Username/Password. When authenticated, GAuthLogon asks for an authentication code from Google Authenticator. Only after an authentication code is validated can a user sign in to Windows.

GAuthLogon provides 2 separate screens for Username/Password authentication and for the authentication code entry, rather than one screen for 2 different authentication credential data.

In order to sign in via GAuthLogon,

  • Enter Windows username/password in the first screen

    * You can configure GAuthLogon to use Windows' PasswordProvider internally for the credential entry. With this option enabled, you will retain all the features of PasswordProvider. This is especially useful when PasswordProvider is filtered and GAuthLogon is configured to replace it on Windows Server.

  • When your username/password pair has been successfully authenticated, the screen switches to the second one where you type in an authentication code from Google Authenticator

    You must have a device with Google Authenticator app. installed to log in via GAuthLogon. The authentication code you enter in the second screen is a time-based password which Google Authenticator generates every 30 seconds.

    For GAuthLogon to accept an authentication code from your Google Authenticator app., both your computer account and Google Authentication must be configured to share the same secret key. GAuthLogon comes with a tool to hep you set them up with just a few mouse-clicks.

    The addition of the code authentication to Windows sign-in process enhances the sign-in security without any modifications to the existing username/password scheme.

    Google Authenticator app. is available for Android / iOS devices. It is available for free on Android Play and Apple AppStore.

    OS Supported

    GAuthLogon for Windows 10/8.x / 2012/2016/2019 Server is a V2 credential provider (CP) newly introduced with the release of Windows 8 / Windows 2012 Server. For the previous versions of Windows (Windows Vista/7/2008 Server), GAuthLogon is installed as V1 credential provider.

    • Windows 10( 32bit / 64bit )
    • Windows 8 / 8.1( 32bit / 64bit )
    • Windows 7( 32bit / 64bit )
    • Windows Vista( 32bit / 64bit )
    • Windows 2019 Server(64bit)
    • Windows 2016 Server(64bit)
    • Windows 2012 Server(64bit)
    • Windows 2008 Server( 32bit / 64bit )