GAuthLogon Feature

Simple Installation

Just run Setup.exe. Within a few mouse-clicks, the installation is complete.
Setup.exe changes OS level settings and requires the administrative privilges to execute.

Diffrent Screens for Two Different Authentications

GAuthLogon provides two different screens, each for username/password authentication and for the code authentication. This way, users have an easier time knowing what they are asked to perform than supplying username, password and authentication code in one screen.

Credential Provider Filter Utility

With this utility, you can disable any providers available on the system, including Password, PIN, Picture Password, LiveID providers by the mouse clicks. Windows can be configured to ask users for a valid authentcation code alwasy before they sign in, by making GAuthLogon the only available provider in the sign-in screen.

Authenticator Setup

Windows users are responsible of setting up their account to share the same secret key with Google Authenticator. GAuthLogon comes with an utility to generate a key, display QR code for Google Authenticator to scan and associate the key with user accounts.

Windows OS Server Support

GAuthLogon enhances the sign-in security of Windows servers. A terminal server can be configured to prompt for a valid authentication code in Remote Desktop screen.

V2 Credential Provider for Windows 8 / Windows 2012 Server

GAuthLogon on Windows 8 / 2012 Server is V2 credential provider, the native sign-in authentication scheme for Windows 8 / Windows 2012 Server.

Windows 10 Ready / AzureAD

The same version for Windows 8 works on Windows 10. When your Windows is AzureAD joined, PIN Login provider can be disabled (filtered out) and AzureAD user can log in to Windows using Username/Password and one-time authentication code without relying on any third party software.