For client OS( Windows Vista/7/8.x/10 )

Client license : $45

For server OS( Windows 2008/2012 Server )

Server License : $98/year

For VMWare VDI Virtual Machine( GAuthLogonV )

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License File

You can download GAuthLogon from the download page. Withouth a valid license file, it runs as a demo version.

You can obtain a license file on our dedicated web page for issuing GAuthLogon license. The page asks you to enter an account credential ( username/password ) and a hardware ID generated on a computer that runs GAuthLogon. GAuthLogon is bundled with a program that generates a hardware ID text of the computer that runs the program.

You can create an account on the page page. Creating an account requires you to buy GAuthLogon license. An account is ready to issue licenses upon completion of payment via Paypal.

Visit the page for issuing GAuthLogon license