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To obtain GAuthLogon license, you must create an account. When creating one, you must specify the number of licenses you require. If you have previously created an account but its license count has reached 0, you can update the account also by specifying the number of licenses.

Creating and updating an account require different steps.

1. To create/update a Test Account:

A test account can be created, free of charge, for an evaluational purpose.
To create or update a test account, check "Test Account".
A test account can issue up to 2 client licenses and 1 server licences that are valid for 15 days.

2. To update an account:

Fill in

  1. your account credential ( username and password ).
  2. the number of additional client / server licenses you want to buy

3. To create a new account:

Just fill in the number of client / server licenses
Do not enter username / password ( these are only for those who already have an account ).

Number of Client License
Number of Server License
Test Account

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