Access to locally connected Matrix dongles

You can switch the target dongle either to the remote or the local by an API call or by a setting in the configuration file. The default destination is remote.

Extended API

Several new API exist that you do not find matching Matrix API for. They are added for configuring TCP/IP and obtaining AppSlot login information remotely.

OS Support

The client API supports Windows only.
  • Windows ( 32bit/64bit )

Program Language Support

  • Any languages that support DLL (C/C++, C#, VB, Excel, etc)
  • Static library for VC

Server/Client Communication

  • TCP/IP
  • Elliptic Curve DH ( for key exchange )
  • AES256

High Performance

API is a native program that has no dependency on any external programs/files

Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Hyper-V virtual machine does not support USB dongle. A program running on a virtual machine can call this network API to access a dongle connected to the host machine or to other computers.