Dedicated Security Key

USB memory or smartcard are off-the-shelf products that are not configured for a particular user. Windows provides the standardized way to access them and anyone can use it. It is easy for a hacker to make them the attack target. The USB keys for MxLogon2 are pre-confirued before delivery to each user. There is no Window's built-in feature to access the key. Each MxLogon2 delivered to a user is built for the user and does not work with any other keys than one delivered to the user. Use of the dedicate security key affords the safe use of software without an extra configuration.

Security / Convenience

The default 2-factor, 2-step authentication affords you the most secure way to sign in, using this program. It can be confirued to give more priority to convenience by enabling PIN bypass, username auto-fill and username/password auto-fill. It is up to each user to decide how to balance between security and convenience.

Up to 4 authentication slots

Each USB key has 4 authentication slots. You can set a PIN, PIN bypass and auto-fill to each slot. You can set the number of effective slot to 1 through 4. When you set the effective number of slot to 1, the slot combo-box will not be shown.

Login user restriction

A USB key can specify which users can log in with the key in the second step.

Remote login with a locally connected key

A client can log in to a remote computer running MxLogon2, using a USB key locally connected to the client. Unlike a smart card token that Windows can redirect to a remote computer, MxLogon2 has the built-in feature to redirect a key security. This requires that the plugin sofware be installed on the client.

USB Login and Lock in Safe Mode

YOu can log in via MxLogon2 in Safe mode. Plugging off the login key will lock the screen.


MxLogon2 can save the USB login/logout/lock to Windows event log.

PIN Lock

7 succesive false PIN entry will disable the key.

Keyboard emulator utility

Each USB key can hold up to 8 strings that be output to the focused input area as if they wer keyed in. Refer to this page