2-Factor, 2-Step Authentication

MxLogon2sc is designed to protect Windows sign-in by 2-factor authentication with USB token in the first step and username/password authentication in the second step.

Auto-Fill of PIN/username/password

USB tokens may be configured to auto-fill PIN, username and password.

  • With PIN auto-filled, the first step screen is not shown.
  • With username auto-filled, you do not have to enter username in the second step.
  • With username and password auto-filled, the second step authentication is processed automatically.
  • With PIN, username and password auto-filled,you get authenticated upon token connection.

Hardware level security

The hardware key is a smart card USB token with FIPS140-2 Level3 certification.

PIN Lock

10 successive PIN error will trigger PIN lock.

RDP Redirect

When RDP redirect enabled,the USB token connected locally is redirected to the remote computer; the local key is connected to the remote computer. MxLogon2sc on the remote computer can perform 2-factor, 2-step authentication using the local key.

Client Certificate

MxLogon2sc has an utility to create CA, issue a certificate ( both using openssl.exe command ) and store it to a connected token. It verifies a token certificate against the CA. If the certificate verification is unsuccessful, the token is not available for use. The token certificate and the CA may be used to controll Web folder access.

Smartcard token

Smartcard token may be used as BitLocker ulock key, VPN authentication and other programs that utilize smart cards.