An easy way to prevent unauthorizied use of Windows

About SimpePCLock

SimplePCLock is a software to prevent unauthorized uses of Windows machine by Matrix security USB key. With SimpePCLock installed, Windows login screen remains the same before the installation and you can log in to Windows just like before. But once you are authenticated, you will be immediately logged out, when no valid Matrix USB key is connected to the computer.

Login with SaimplePCLock installed

You can use the standard Windows login authentication - username/password、PIN, Smart Card, Windows LiveID、 finger print, face - as a domain or local user.

Windows may successfully authenticate you and log in you. But if a valid USB key is not connected, SimplePCLock will log you out.

No pin entry is required. The only criteria to remain logged in is whether a valid USB key is connected to the computer.

While you are logged in, unplugging the USB key used for login will log you out or lock the screen. Unlocking the screen also requires a valid USB key connection.

Compatible USB Keys

  1. 1. Off-the-shelf USB memory stick
  2. 2. Matrix USB key
Two different versions of SimplePCLock is available. Both have the idential functions but the version for Matrix USB key is far more secure.

Version for USB Memory stick
This version will need a USB memory stick with an unique ID. Before deploying a memory stick, SimplePCLock configures it to function as a dongle by creating an encrypted file locked to the stick. The file is invalid when copied to any other memory sticks. By registering the configured memory stick on the PC with SimplePCLock, it will detect the registered sticks as valid.
When use of USB memory stick is allowed, this version is an easy way to protect your Windows. It may be used for an evaluation purpuse to test the features of SimplePCLock before purchasing the versioin of Matrix USB key.

Version for Matrix Security USB key:
This version utilizes the security functions exposed by the USB key hardware. Each USB key will have UserCode unique to each user. SimplePCLock works with Matrix USB key with a specific UserCode. The USB key functions in the environment where use of USB memory stick is disabled. You can pull the USB key at any time without ejecting. The key is safe from virus infection. The key hardware is sturdier than USB thumb memory.


Simple PCLock is a 32bit program but works on both 32bit and 64bit Windows
  • - Windows Vista/7/8.x/10( 32bit/64bit)
  • - Windows 2008/2012/2016 Server( 32bit/64bit )

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