An easy way to prevent unauthorizied use of Windows

SimplePCLock's Feature


It offers the robust mechanism to protect Windows with the minimum features.
Users either plug a USB key or pull it; there is no other operation required..

Double Authentication

The way users log in to Windows is the same with or without SimplePCLock installed. No matter how users are authenticated, they will be authenticated again by a USB key.

No Internet connection necessary

There is no need for Internet connection

Excepted Users

You can configure SimplePCLock to except specific users from they USB key authentication. Those users will not be logged out even if no USB key is connect after logged in.

Can be enabled in Safe Mode

SimplePCLock can protect Windows booted in Safe Mode.

Can be enabled only in Safe Mode

SimplePCLock will require a USB key connection only when Windows is booted in Safe Mode. When booted in the normal mode, users can remain logged in without a USB key connected.

USB Thumb Memory Version

Private individuals can protect their Windows machine with readily available hardware.

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